WellPet Treats our k9s with High Quality Jerky Treats

Wellness Logo 100_1879What a great day on Saturday when we gathered up a big donation of Wellness Turkey & Salmon Jerky Treats that were donated by WellPet for our deployed Military Working Dogs. If you pay careful attention to doggy nutrition, you will quickly see that these Wellness treats are top of the line. With two proteins at the top of the ingredient list and absolutely NO grain and nothing artificial in the ingredient list. These are the perfect rewards for a hard working K9. And, in addition to offering stellar nutritional value, they are also light, small and easy to carry in a mission pack.

Handlers deployed to Iraq, Afghanistan or Djbouti can request these from us while the supply lasts by sending an email to mwdtsa.dixie@yahoo.com

Thanks again to WellPet. What a class act! We’ll get them out and we appreciate your support.

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