War Dog Hero

SGT Roye and SSD Bubba

Here’s a photo of SSD Bubba, a Lab, and his handler having some fun during training. Why is it important for a dog to run pell-mell after a ball? Suppose Bubba just found an IED and you want him out of the dangerous area as quickly as possible. Send him out of the area after his ball.

One of Bubba’s compatriots – Labwise, not American-wise – just won a Hero Dog Award. And, we wanted to share this story with you. Thanks to our ever investigative website guru for this link. Follow the link to the story.


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  1. Bubba113
    Bubba113 says:

    That's me and my dog bubba!!!! I love that photo. Thanks for everything you guys have done and are doing for all of us handlers downrange and back home.

  2. Dixie
    Dixie says:

    Awesome! Thanks for stopping by and making your comment. We appreciate all that you and Bubba are doing. Loved the photo. I couldn't remember who sent this to me. If you have any more photos of you and Bubba, please feel free to send them to us. We love good photos : )


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