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Many of you have received the link to your May issue of Kennel Talk. We talked briefly on the back page about the new red, white and blue silicone wristbands with the simple phrase “I support the Teams” which we are selling for $5.00 as a fundraiser. This idea was created by our very versatile Secretary/Treasurer, Kris, who is always looking to make a buck. (Gotta love a team mate like that!)

She and one of her handler buddies in Afghanistan, Billy, came up with a second version that will be available to dog handlers AND anybody who specifically requests one. These are a little edgier versions of the support bracelet in Down Range Sand instead of the red,white and blue and will have the words “Bite Me” on them. This will also sell for $5.00, although these probably won’t be brought out at our Public Education booths, we know that the handlers and our audience will get a chuckle out of this play on words and the quirky sense of humor.

If you’d like to mail order add $2.50 and we’ll mail you as many as your little heart desires. And, we hope your heart desires either or both, a lot. It now takes about $12.00 to mail a package to Iraq or Afghanistan. Your contributions along with other family and friends will add up and will help us do the work we need to do.

And, just as a reminder, virtually 100% of the monies received go straight to the dog handlers. The odd exception would be postage to a supporter on a thank you letter etc. Please feel free to email and ask any questions that you think we can assist with. You have two emails to choose from:

Dixie at or Kris at

Thanks to all of you who have sent in positive comments about Kennel Talk. I always appreciate hearing from you as a lot of energy goes into putting it together! I’m glad you like it.

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