Flag presentation

Sabine with plaque and flag

MSgt Ferguson on Blackhawk Iraq

Ken Besecker presenting flag to Fabio Yepes. Sabine Yepes (store owner) and Jennifer O'Neill and Jeff Taylor (store employees) look on.


In unincorporated Macedonia, Georgia is a wonderful business called TC Country, a store that specializes in the country life. They carry feed, seed, country and western clothes, gifts and supplies for horses, dogs and cats. The store is owned by Sabine and Fabio Yepes and has been a stalwart supporter of Military Working Dog Team Support Association, Inc. from the beginning. They helped in so many ways as we got our organization started up and running by giving us wonderful donations and great pricing along with spreading our news by word of mouth to their customers.
Over the year and a half or so that we’ve been sending support to Iraq and Afghanistan, we shared their story with some of the dog handlers. One of the handlers, a Program Manager in Iraq, asked if we would be interested in having an American flag flown on a dog mission to later present to the Sabine, Fabio and their staff. We did just that. In September of 2008 we were finally able to get everything together to make the presentation. Here are a few photos of that day. Thanks again Sabine, Fabio, TC Country staff and the wonderful customers who have so generously shared their gifts with the dogs and handlers. We are also including a photo of the Program Manager that made the event possible.

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