Thanks to Boggs Doggs

South Cobb High School has a dedicated Animal Club called “Boggs Doggs” which is supported by the entire campus community of administrators, teachers and students and is under the leadership of Chemistry Teacher, Rhonda Sykes.

For a sneak peek at some of the things they do, check out their website:

Two of the student members, Alex and Jenny, went above and beyond the call of duty and wrote out Christmas cards to be sent to all of the deployed dog handlers that we could reach across the theatre of operations. Their cards were read and displayed at kennels from the Syrian border to the Uruzgan province of Afghanistan.

The entire Boggs Doggs group also requested an opportunity to “adopt” some dog handlers and we matched them up with four Camp Pendleton Marines, just in time for Christmas. The group wrote personal letters to all four handlers. Enjoy photos taken while the students were busily composing their Christmas letters. Thanks, Boggs Doggs for a job well done!

Boggs Doggs writing letters Letterwriters Merry Christmas greetings

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