FURminators Flourish for Four-Footed Soldiers

You gotta love that FURminator Company. They make a terrific product and then, patriotic and generous, they share that wonderful product with us so we can support our Military Working Dogs. Since the charting of MWDTSA, the FURminator Company has been very gracious with us and, of course, we also have numerous individual donors who send us FURminators, too. (Including my own veterinarian.) This item is often at the top of everyone’s “Wish List”.

Here are some photos that we’ve taken or had sent to us showcasing the wonder grooming tool. Notice how in some cases, you could almost build another dog out of the hair taken out of the coat. You know that has to feel good to a working dog.

When I checked with one of the handlers to whom we had sent a FURminator as soon as he landed in Iraq and asked him if others in his unit would like to have one, he send this reply: “Actually I think there was two guys who tried to get me to part with mine. LOL. I’ll check to see if they’re still in need of them tho and ill get back to you.”

I love being FURminated FURminator 100_1446

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