DSC_7749 aA huge thank you to Mariani Packing Company for their support in our 1st  Quarter Care Packages.

The Honey Bars were a huge hit with our deployed dog handlers.  When this shipment arrived and I opened them to have a look, I thought we had something really special

After the care packages were sent,  I received this personal note from one of the dog teams, who described the Honey Bars as, “Heaven in a Wrapper”, I was sure these bars were as wonderfully tasting as they were nutritious.  These are great options for anyone working, exercising and wanting a handy, nutritious snack.  Please be sure to stop by the website http://www.mariani.com/ to thank this sponsor and to order your own piece of Heaven.  : )   We always want to support and thank our sponsors.

Thanks, Loretta for your great note.  We always appreciate hearing for our wonderful dog teams.


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