Home for the Holidays ~~ Adopting a Military Working Dog

Warm memories of homes, hearths and hounds at holiday time bring a special smile to the hearts of many folks. Today was a such a day for me. I got a Christmas card with a wonderful photo of retired MWD Egon and former AF Handler James Kessel. Egon is such a great, great dog. Earlier in the day I got a call from one of my friends advising that there might be a few retired MWDs available within the next few weeks here on the east coast.

If you’ve considered adopting a retired Military Working Dog, have a good knowledge of and history working with large breed dogs and can provide a loving retirement home for a true American hero, please let us know. Most of the retired dogs will be in the 8-10 year range and some will have aches and pains of old age and hard work, but their hearts will continue to want to please you.

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